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Spotlight on Rachel Murell

Excitement is building for this year's Women with Dynamic Purpose Conference and today's spotlight is on Healthy Women panelist Rachel Murell. Rachel has been teaching Yoga since 2015 with various styles such as Restorative, Chakra- focused, and Hatha.  She has graduated from a 200-hour Teacher Training Course at Peachtree Yoga Center and completed a 500-hour Advanced Teacher [...]

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Spotlight on Julie Clark

This year’s Women with Dynamic Purpose conference includes a Real Life Shifts Panel Discussion designed for attendees to explore concrete next steps to deal with a planned or unplanned professional Shift.  They will share their professional experiences and the paths they have taken in both the corporate arena as well as self-employment.  They will leave plenty of time [...]

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Spotlight on Jeanne Austin

This year's Women with Dynamic Conference includes a much anticipated Healthy Women panel.  We are pleased to spotlight panelist Jeanne Austin.  Jeanne is an advocate for healthy living. She graduated from Long Island University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications. She worked in the business sector for a few years. Then due to an unexpected [...]

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Self-Development as a priority

We all have a million priorities and pulls at our time. I know it sounds stereotypical but women so often seem to put themselves last, instead of taking one day to create a plan for their professional future, they put their needs on the back burner. Our focus is on helping women be prepared for [...]

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Healthy Women Panel Spotlight

Based on your feedback, we have added a Healthy Women panel to the 2018 Women with Dynamic Purpose conference.  You said you wanted more information and time devoted to women's health issues and questions and we have assembled a terrific panel of experts to join us on Friday, September 28th. I am thrilled to spotlight Cheryl [...]

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Building a health team

  Today, it seems that every health care practitioner is a specialist and you often get conflicting advice and direction.  Whose looking at the big picture of your health?  You are.  We are each in charge of managing our own health. So, I view healthcare resources as consultants on my health team.  Sometimes I think their [...]

Silence is Not Golden if Your Goal is to Advance Your Career

Don't Fly Under the Radar Women tend to wait to be noticed for promotion. They keep their head down and continue to work long hours in the hopes that management recognizes their dedication and bestows the gift of advancement. Although one would think that doing ‘good work’ is enough to result in promotion, that [...]

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The Not-So-Straight Line from Corporate to Cookies to Coaching

The transition from the corporate world to that of an entrepreneur has many challenges. For some, these trials and tribulation are not worth the effort. For others, like Kelly Marchal, Principle of Esprit De Merci, 2017 was the right time to tackle these challenges. Even for one who is focused and well-organized, the road was [...]

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