5 Top Interview Tips

One of the fantastic benefits of having years of experience in the business world is, well, you have years of experience in the business world to leverage and showcase! You know how to do your research and you have a pretty good idea of how you could be of value and help companies. Your goal in [...]

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Top Tips for Landing Interviews

I had a family member, 60+ years old, looking for a new job earlier this year.  She was very frustrated because she was not getting any interviews, but she kept at it and ultimately found a fantastic job. It is a frustrating and scary process but the good news is, it only takes one yes so [...]

Spotlight on Jennifer Yaeger

The Healthy Women panel is one of the most anticipated sessions of this Friday's Women with Dynamic Purpose one-day conference. We are pleased to spotlight panelist Jennifer Yaeger.  Jennifer holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Auburn University and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson Mississippi.  [...]

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Spotlight on Jenn Dennard

This year's Women with Dynamic Purpose conference includes a Real Life Shifts Panel Discussion designed for attendees to explore concrete next steps to deal with a planned or unplanned professional Shift.  They will share their professional experiences and the paths they have taken in both the corporate arena as well as self-employment.  They will leave plenty [...]

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Building a health team

  Today, it seems that every health care practitioner is a specialist and you often get conflicting advice and direction.  Whose looking at the big picture of your health?  You are.  We are each in charge of managing our own health. So, I view healthcare resources as consultants on my health team.  Sometimes I think their [...]

Mid-Year Brand Refresh

We all know that our professional brand is a key component of our success.  But it's easy to get complacent or lazy about our brand's care & feeding. Particularly during the hot days of Summer, it's easy to relax your professional image too much.  If you've caught yourself eyeing your flip-flops on the way out the door [...]

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Summer reading -what’s on your list?

Tuck these must-read books into your beach bag for your Summer vacation, or just a trip to the pool or backyard. For Career Advice check out: How to Say it at Work by Jack Griffin gives your communication style a refresh Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel helps you avoid unconsciously making [...]

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Purpose, Path & Community

The November 3rd, Women with Dynamic Purpose conference had all three - Purpose, Path & Community. This dynamic group of women is ready and equipped to take on 2018 - driving their careers and businesses forward. Our speakers delivered action-packed sessions to get attendees focused on identifying or being clear on their goals, developing concrete action [...]

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