Three Dynamic Ways To Control Your Narritive In The Face Of Ageism

Growing older is not a bad thing, it’s simply a part of life. The trick is to focus on the growing part of the process, while not giving in to external views and defeating attitudes that say older equals passé or irrelevant. Here are three ways to prevent falling prey to the ageism traps and [...]

Top Tips for Landing Interviews

I had a family member, 60+ years old, looking for a new job earlier this year.  She was very frustrated because she was not getting any interviews, but she kept at it and ultimately found a fantastic job. It is a frustrating and scary process but the good news is, it only takes one yes so [...]

Self-Development as a priority

We all have a million priorities and pulls at our time. I know it sounds stereotypical but women so often seem to put themselves last, instead of taking one day to create a plan for their professional future, they put their needs on the back burner. Our focus is on helping women be prepared for [...]

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Healthy Women Panel Spotlight

Based on your feedback, we have added a Healthy Women panel to the 2018 Women with Dynamic Purpose conference.  You said you wanted more information and time devoted to women's health issues and questions and we have assembled a terrific panel of experts to join us on Friday, September 28th. I am thrilled to spotlight Cheryl [...]

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Silence is Not Golden if Your Goal is to Advance Your Career

Don't Fly Under the Radar Women tend to wait to be noticed for promotion. They keep their head down and continue to work long hours in the hopes that management recognizes their dedication and bestows the gift of advancement. Although one would think that doing ‘good work’ is enough to result in promotion, that [...]

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