Three Dynamic Ways To Control Your Narritive In The Face Of Ageism

Growing older is not a bad thing, it’s simply a part of life. The trick is to focus on the growing part of the process, while not giving in to external views and defeating attitudes that say older equals passé or irrelevant. Here are three ways to prevent falling prey to the ageism traps and [...]

5 Top Interview Tips

One of the fantastic benefits of having years of experience in the business world is, well, you have years of experience in the business world to leverage and showcase! You know how to do your research and you have a pretty good idea of how you could be of value and help companies. Your goal in [...]

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Top Tips for Landing Interviews

I had a family member, 60+ years old, looking for a new job earlier this year.  She was very frustrated because she was not getting any interviews, but she kept at it and ultimately found a fantastic job. It is a frustrating and scary process but the good news is, it only takes one yes so [...]

Is your suit aging you?

It's time to re-think whether or not you need to wear a suit AND if you do, what and how to wear them. A lot of us hit our business suit stride in the 80's, the decade where power suits really took off. We loved our padded shoulders and even our neckties.  We still hated pantyhose [...]

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Spotlight on Jennifer Yaeger

The Healthy Women panel is one of the most anticipated sessions of this Friday's Women with Dynamic Purpose one-day conference. We are pleased to spotlight panelist Jennifer Yaeger.  Jennifer holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Auburn University and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson Mississippi.  [...]

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Spotlight on Elizabeth Giles

Today's Women with Dynamic Purpose Conference spotlight is on Elizabeth Giles. Elizabeth is joining the Shift Always Happens - Skills Builder session with a focus on Style.  She is a Licensed Master Cosmetologist and holds a certificate in Cosmetology from West Georgia Technical College.  Elizabeth is currently completing her certification in Personal Styling from the New [...]

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