It’s time to re-think whether or not you need to wear a suit AND if you do, what and how to wear them.

A lot of us hit our business suit stride in the 80’s, the decade where power suits really took off. We loved our padded shoulders and even our neckties.  We still hated pantyhose and skirts which we ditched sometime in the 90’s. And after Hillary’s famous campaign pantsuits, it didn’t matter which candidate you supported, you did not want to be associated with that.

So, where does that leave us?  With a lot of options actually.

Gone are the days of having to wear garanimal suits where the jacket and the skirt/ pants match.  We get to mix it up, trying different textures and looks.  There are so many jacket lengths and styles to choose from now but the #1 thing is to be comfortable in anyTHING that you wear.

If it pulls against the back or you can’t button it, you will not be comfortable, and your confidence will take a hit.  It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, forget what size the label says, make sure it fits and find a tailor – your comfort is worth it. The one thing we liked about our power suits from the 80’s was, well they boosted our confidence as we were breaking all of that glass.  Clothes that fit will feel so good.

The second thing to remember is black slims and colors, embellishments, and lines draw attention and highlight so use that to your advantage to camouflage and enhance.  Don’t overdo a look, strive for one statement piece per outfit.  Whether that’s a great jacket, a necklace, or an awesome pair of shoes.  I’ve built many an outfit from my shoes up – they always fit!

Rule of thumb: Black slims and colors, embellishments, and lines draw attention and highlight so use that to your advantage to camouflage and enhance.

But always go back to the #1 rule of comfort.  I met a woman this week that had on a cool chunky necklace but when I complimented her on it she said, are you sure it’s okay, I feel like Wilma Flintstone.  If you aren’t comfortable, if it’s not you, don’t wear it, period.

So, get out there and try on different looks to figure out which options work for you. I love dresses particularly because you can get so many looks out of one with a simple change of shoes and accessories.  I love to pair dark jeans (the only kind I will wear to work)  with a great jacket. I love a lot of the almost sheer cardigans and shells on the market today – I am a big fan of layering since my body temperature seems to oscillate a lot these days!

Need advice? Grab a friend, a stylist, or a store clerk who is dressed well, and step out of your comfort zone and replace that suit that is aging you unnecessarily!

Are you still wearing suits all the time? If not, what have you moved to?