Excitement is building for this year’s Women with Dynamic Purpose Conference and today’s spotlight is on Healthy Women panelist Rachel Murell.

Rachel has been teaching Yoga since 2015 with various styles such as Restorative, Chakra- focused, and Hatha.  She has graduated from a 200-hour Teacher Training Course at Peachtree Yoga Center and completed a 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training program.  Rachel holds a NASM Nutrition Certification and is an Essential Oils Wellness Advocate – she infuses her classes with peaceful and invigorating aromatherapy complementing overall wellness.

I enjoy creating an atmosphere that is motivating and compassionate.  Yet, my students will build inner confidence igniting their true power to face their edge where ever that may be, on and off the mat.  In my life Yoga has been the biggest facilitator of love and forgiveness and more than anything I wish to share that with my students.

Rachel teaches at Sea Glass Therapy in Newnan, Georgia.  We asked Rachel a few questions – check out her responses here.

How do you help promote Healthy Women?

Encouraging women to be more gracious when they do not meet their expectations. I facilitate an acceptance of their current health path journey. The main way I help promote healthy women is by showing them more ways to give themselves love and compassion. Through different modalities such as Yoga, meditation, and nutrition.

What question do you get the most?

I really don’t get asked the same questions frequently, yet I get a common assumption; I can’t do Yoga because I’m not flexible or I’m too old. Neither is fair nor accurate: Yoga is for anybody who shows up to their Yoga mat to practice!! Yoga encourages the body to naturally gain flexibility and there are no age requirements because there are many variations and modifications that can be used to cater to any individual.

What should women focus on as they age?

As women age, it’s important to focus on healthy nutrition, bone health, and stress reduction.

Time is running out to register for the September 28th, Women with Dynamic Purpose conference.  To learn more and to register, visit dynamic-purpose.com.

Rachel can be reached at:

Rachel Murell, Wellness Guide, RYT 500 Yoga Teacher

Sea Glass Therapy (https://seaglasstherapy.com)