Jeanne Austin

This year’s Women with Dynamic Conference includes a much anticipated Healthy Women panel.  We are pleased to spotlight panelist Jeanne Austin.  Jeanne is an advocate for healthy living.

She graduated from Long Island University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications. She worked in the business sector for a few years. Then due to an unexpected medical crisis, she made the decision to focus on health, and work at home.

During that time, she began research on more holistic approaches to nutritional well-being, strategies to prevent illness, and ways to promote and maintain great health. She has become an advocate to help people live healthier lives, and spring back after an illness.

We asked Jeanne a few questions – check out her responses here.
How do you help promote healthy women?

Using my personal experience and sharing tips and information on how to stay healthy and navigate healthcare management.

What question do you get asked the most?

How did I rebound from the many serious health challenges I faced over the years.

As women age, what is important to focus on?

From the perspective of working through an illness (more than once), it’s extremely important to have a full understanding of the medications you are taking, the associated side effects, and the importance of following the dosage schedule. The paradox is, however, that while these medications are necessary to help you heal; they are synthetically derived and are not really compatible with the human body. Therefore, it is very important to find out what nutrients are being depleted and need to be replenished, or added, to help your body back to a path of vitality and strength.

We look forward to Jeanne joining us on the panel Friday, September 28th.  Check out the full agenda and register today at