This year’s Women with Dynamic Purpose conference includes a Real Life Shifts Panel Discussion designed for attendees to explore concrete next steps to deal with a planned or unplanned professional Shift.  They will share their professional experiences and the paths they have taken in both the corporate arena as well as self-employment.  They will leave plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.

Today’s panelist spotlight is on Jenn Dennard.  Jenn is the founder of #healthITchicks, a social networking community for women working in healthcare IT.  The Health IT Chicks community works to raise awareness of gender-related issues in healthcare technology and the workplace at large.  The community strives – above all – to help its members invest in the personal and professional lives of each other, and all of those in need.

We asked Jenn a few questions – check out her responses here.

What could you have done to be better prepared for your professional shift?

I would have been better prepared for my professional shift if I had taken the time to leverage my network – chatted with other women who had made the jump from being employed to being self-employed.  That advice would likely have saved me a few bumps in the road.

As women age, it’s important to take charge of your careers by doing what?

As women age, it’s important to take charge of your career by building up your professional network so that it reflects interests outside of your current company/role.  Don’t insulate yourself!

What is the best advice that you can give experienced professional women?

The best advice I can give experienced professional women is don’t be afraid to ask for help – recommendations, introductions, opportunities, etc.  Women are all too often happy to give of themselves but reticent about asking for help from others.  That’s why networks are so important – they are your built-in support system – ready to go when you need them.

We look forward to Jenn joining us on the panel Friday, September 28th.  Check out the full agenda and register today at https://www.dynamic-purpose.com.

Jenn can be reached at @JennDennard @healthITchicks