Taking notes, tracking your to-do lists… it’s all very personal.  A system honed over time, weather-tested.

I’ve tried about every option out there and I keep trying to move to an all-electronic method.  Then I end up having things half electronic and the other half on paper – it’s all quite frustrating.

For me, there is something about pen to paper.  I guess it’s old school.  My kids laugh when I say, write it down, and then they tap it into their phone.

My house is full of personal assistants, Google Home, Echo… we have them all – in some rooms both are present, ever listening.  The only thing I use them for is the daily news briefing when I’m making coffee and to play music while I’m cooking – a glorified stereo for me I guess.

Other people are really taking advantage of them though, adding items to shopping lists that the whole family can access, adding their contacts in so anyone can be called by voice, adding in reminders…  I need to get on the bandwagon.

But at work, I go into a meeting with my notebook and my laptop.  Others are using tablets and handwriting notes on glass.  I have noticed a very distinct advantage to this that is driving me to make the shift, finally, once and for all over to electronic notebooks.  All the previous notes on that topic are in one place when electronic – with my paper system, I have to flip back to the day the last discussion on a topic took place.  Since I go through a notebook a month, this causes me a lot of time wasted, flipping back.  My colleagues, however, have all notes on that topic at their fingertips.  There just more productive.

There is one other thing to think about if you’re not ready to give up your paper notebook… is it supporting the stereotype that older workers are not technologically versed, resistant to change?  I hate to admit it but I think it does perpetuate that image and I’m determined to change it and move to an electronic system.

What works for you?