We all know that our professional brand is a key component of our success.  But it’s easy to get complacent or lazy about our brand’s care & feeding.

Particularly during the hot days of Summer, it’s easy to relax your professional image too much.  If you’ve caught yourself eyeing your flip-flops on the way out the door to work, it’s time for a mid-year brand refresh.

It’s not fair but perception is reality and first impressions never get a do-over.

So, take a few minutes to give your brand a mid-year refresh by:

  1. Checking how you are dressing, have you gotten too casual? If so, put a little more thought and planning into it.  Dig out those accessories, breezy scarves, and Summer dresses to put a little (comfortable) zing in how you show up for work.
  2. Being thoughtful about your non-working chat time.  Everyone has exciting things going on in the Summer with vacations, visitors, etc… It’s great to hear about it but be conscious of how much time you are chatting as it’s easy to go overboard on it in the Summer and it can impact your professional brand.  Better yet, plan a catch-up lunch out of the office.
  3. Delivering extra value. We all have that project that we want to get to but never have time.  Summer is the perfect time to deliver that extra punch of value that will make you stand out. Don’t forget to check in on your annual work goals to see if you are on track, off track, or they need a reset or jump start.
  4. Updating your online brand with a refreshed picture and updates on your career history.  Don’t forget to be engaged with your network – if you have a little more time in the Summer reach out to see how you can help your network.
  5. Learning a new skill or practicing a behavior that you are trying to modify or enhance. Summer is the perfect time to give your skills a refresh.  Make your business reading part of your beach book stack.

Enjoy Summer, it goes by too fast.  With these tips and by being aware of how your professional brand can take a hit in the Summer, you can avoid that and even enhance your brand.