Taking steps every day toward your goals is enough.  It’s so easy to get sidetracked by that very busy week at work, a family event, that last box of girl scout cookies, you name it, the distractions are everywhere.

Many of us have a hard time shaking off the distractions and getting back on track. In fact, at the 2017 Women with Dynamic Purpose conference getting and keeping motivation was named the biggest obstacle to overcome.


The #1 Challenge you face in living your dynamic purpose

So, how do you push through?

  1. Know your Purpose.  

When you are passionate about a goal. When you can see, feel, and taste the success of reaching that goal, it will become a priority for you.  And things that are priorities, always get done, period, end of story.

So, if you know your Purpose (aka what you want to do that you’re not currently doing), then skip down to the next section.  If you don’t know your Purpose and you are floundering a bit, then you need to spend the time to look inward and re-discover what you’re passionate about.

Now that might seem a little scary but once you get going on that self-discovery it will take you down avenues that you’ve never even dreamt of – how cool is that?!

    2. Determine your Path.

Your path is your plan, the concrete steps you are going to take to move towards your goal, your purpose.

Breaking down a big goal into things that can be done on a daily basis helps to bust through motivation issues.

Action Plans

Keep you on track and minimize motivation killers

Trial and error will help you figure out how to work daily progress into your week.  There are weeks when I plan to get more accomplished than is humanly possible.  That’s not very motivating.  So, looking at a week or a month, holistically, helps me to set aggressive, but realistic goals, for progress.

And be gentle with yourself.  You are a work in progress and if you are really struggling with a path you set out for yourself, you may need to go back to #1 to determine if the goal is really that important to you.  If it’s not, restart there to figure out what it really is you want to focus on.

3. Nurture your Community

We all need our tribes. When you are with people that make you feel really alive, that make you laugh, cry, smile, and shout for joy… you’ve found a tribe.

Treasure those communities of like-minded people.  They are invaluable.  The Women with Dynamic Purpose community is one of those tribes.  It was one of our greatest hopes and greatest joys in launching this network of professional women.  Seeing the relationships that have developed in the community and how these dynamic women support and help each other to reach their dreams, has been amazing and fulfilling to watch.


The journey is much more fun when surrounded by amazing fellow travelers.

My inspiration for this blog post came from a very enlightened friend of mine who achieved one of his greatest dreams last week.  He stepped into the cage at his first Mixed Martial Arts fight.  Not a practice fight, a real fight.

He is either one of the bravest or the stupidest people I know.  Let’s just say it was tough to watch but there was his large tribe, screaming their heads off in support of him.

Leading up to the fight, he shared his dream with his tribe, and what really struck me was his honesty in saying, I’ve had to learn to stop comparing myself to other people and focus on being just a little bit better every day.

It did not matter that he did not win the fight.  It mattered that he stepped into the ring.

The next Women with Dynamic Purpose conference is Friday, September 28th, 2018 and registration is now open: