49 days into 2018 – time for a reset on your 2018 goals and how you are making progress on them?

It’s okay.  Plans are meant to be adjusted and when you find yourself off track, dust yourself off and get back on the road.

We all have the same amount of time in a day and figuring out how to insert small things into it that move you forward works better than trying to find large blocks of time.

  • Making hands free calls to check in on your network during your commute.
  • Commenting on your friends latest LinkedIn post.
  • Sending a job description to a friend you know is looking.

All these things take just a few minutes each but can go a long way to keeping your network healthy.

We all know the importance of keeping your online presence up-to-date – check your picture out against how you look now.  If you walked into the coffee shop to meet someone new in your network, would they recognize you from your online picture?  If not, let’s get that updated quickly.

If you had some goals in mind for 2018 that you are having a hard time working on or getting motivated to work on – consider creating a visual snapshot of those goals – a vision board – that you can display at home.  This can be privately displayed in your closet or front and center, say on your desk or refrigerator, as a constant reminder of your goals.

Reach out.  Join us next Friday evening to create your own vision board and get a new profile picture taken.  Build that all important community, have fun, and work on your goals.  See you there!

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