No, I don’t mean in a pretzel pose on a yoga matt. I mean like for real, in everyday life?

Independently and not initiated by me, I’ve had multiple women bring up this topic in conversation over the last couple of weeks.  I’m pretty good at seeing the patterns in conversations, I talk and try to listen, a lot and it seems that many people are trying to incorporate a meditation practice into their daily routine.

One friend even sent me a book on it after our conversation.  It’s called, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris.  Dan is a television personality who had an on-air panic attack some years back that has been immortalized on youtube who subsequently has become something of a meditation evangelist.

I’m about half-way through the book, which also has a great companion, free app. that has guided meditations available, including one-minute guided meditations.

It’s not about clearing your mind, it’s about re-training your mind to focus.

Here’s the gist, it’s not about clearing your mind it’s about re-training your mind to focus and that is done by focusing on your breath, in and out, and every time your mind or inner voice spins off to some other topic or string of thought, you bring it back to your breath, in and out.

The benefits of training your mind to do this for even one minute at a time seem to be huge. I used to think that I was an expert multi-tasker.  I’m the ultimate go-to person, embodying the if you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know mentality, that’s me, and it will get done. I used to take a lot of pride in that. Not anymore, I reached some tipping point where one more input, one more ask, would paralyze me.

Last year I focused a lot on working on priorities and anytime I would wander from something that was not on my priority list, I would put it aside to come back to my priority list.  I also focused a lot on adding more focused blocks of time on a project instead of jumping around – I’m now a firm believer that multi-tasking really is not effective.

So, I like this approach to meditation where you are training your mind to focus. I am going to finish the book and try to work on this, at least for one minute a day, and see where it goes.  Any other Dynamic Women out there meditating?