There is a Kenny Chesney song that I love called The Woman With You that talks about Dancing Backwards in High Heels.  The lyrics of:

Been juggling, struggling, closing big deals.
Dancing backwards in high heels. 
Just when it feels like I can’t make it through.
She said it sure is nice to just be the woman with you…

always resonate with me. But I think Kenny got it wrong as I think we are actually dancing forward, it might be a slow step, but definitely forward.

If you have not yet had a chance yet to read the Women in the Workplace 2017 report by McKinsey & Company, the link is below.

The super-quick summary is that employers are focused on gender equality but results are still slow to be realized.  Among other things, it points to a need to remove blind spots including perceptions of the status quo.

What continues to be missing in pretty much all of the research that we can find is the additional challenges that experienced professional women face at work. We know these additional obstacles exist and we are focused on helping individuals remove, go under, or go around these blocks to get to the success they are striving for. I would argue that a lot of the misconceptions of professional women fall into the status quo category.

The definition of success has and always will remain a very personal decision but there are steps you can take to make sure you are positioned for continued success.

We encourage you to spend a day with us to make sure you are clear on your Purpose (the definition of success you are striving for), your Path (including the additional obstacles facing you as you mature), and Community (building a strong network of tools and support).

The Women with Dynamic Purpose speakers have all made their way to the top and have turned around to lend a hand to the women behind them.  They do this in so many different ways from the organizations they support, lead, or work in.  I am excited to spend the day, Friday, November 3rd, with them and the attendees of the conference.

Check out the agenda, share with dynamic women you know who would benefit from this conference, and get registered today.