Paulette Corbin

Paulette Corbin, Executive Coach and former SVP of a Fortune 100 company, will lead our corporate advancement section of the upcoming Women with Dynamic Purpose conference in Atlanta, Georgia on November 3rd, 2017.

Corporate careers and advancement remain a viable and exciting option and Paulette will deliver actionable strategies to help experienced professional women position themselves for continued success. A seasoned executive, consultant, and business owner, Paulette has survived and thrived through a professional shift and is convinced that developing your own career strategy is the only way to prepare for the impacts of today’s evolving marketplace.

Her session will help you see the possibilities for corporate advancement and how to put a strategy & roadmap together to chart your path.  Paulette will cover strategies such as continuing education and training; considering new roles; the importance of mentors and sponsors; understanding and leveraging your strengths; communicating your value; and practicing self-promotion.