At times I’m sure all of us have daydreamed about being our own boss. As you become more experienced in your career and skills, it’s a viable option to consider, either hanging your own shingle or contracting instead of being a full-time employee.


Trisha Harp, owner of the Harp Family Institute, will lead the Entrepreneurship session of the upcoming Women with Dynamic Purpose conference in Atlanta, Georgia on November 3rd, 2017.

Making a decision to go out on your own impacts more than just the entrepreneur and the Harp Family Institute focuses on research into entrepreneurship and its impact on families, all in an effort to teach the best practices of entrepreneurial couples where at least one member is an entrepreneur.

Trisha brings this unique twist and insight to Women with Dynamic Purpose as part of the Optionpalooza segment of the program where attendees step out of their comfort zones and explore professional options.  She will cover how to decide if entrepreneurship is right for you, whether you should start part-time or full-time, why a business plan is important, and key things to think about before taking the leap.