There is an abundance of bad career advice out there and one of the worst is that people that you work with can’t be your friends.  It gets trickier as you move up in your career for sure but there is no way that you are not going to build relationships with people that you probably spend most of your waking time with.


I personally would never be where I am today without the support and friendship of so many amazing women (and men but we’re not talking about them right now).  These four lovely ladies were on a girl’s weekend at the beach – catching up on our lives, having fun and getting lots of sun and some new themes (challenges) were emerging in our conversations.  And as usual, it was so good to be able to talk about what was going on in a safe environment (with a lot of wine and good food).

New to the conversations were feelings of being looked at differently in the professional workplace as we get older – all of a sudden maybe our year’s of experience was starting to sound negative instead of being an asset.  They say you learn from your mistakes but apparently not always other people’s mistakes. We felt that we had really hit on something and decided to bring the discussion to a broader group of professional women.  While still at the beach, we picked the date of November 3rd, 2017 because we knew if we had a deadline and we had signed the agreement for meeting space, we were committed.

I wake up pretty much every morning very early (some would say in the middle of the night) to continue working to bring this program to life. I look at the count down of days timer on this website every morning and freak out a bit, but then I get back to it.

You know how they say if you verbalize a goal or dream it becomes real, well we have been talking about this conference to as many women as we can and what has kept us going and strengthened our resolve has been the overwhelmingly positive response and need for such an event. We have lined up a fantastic group of speakers to guide attendees through this one-day conference.

The Women with Dynamic Purpose conference is the start of what we hope to be many opportunities for experienced professional women to learn, grow, network and excel.